04 May, 18:00
The Family is the First Spectacle
Mint, ABF Stockholm



Welcome to a stage event and performative study at Mint, where Iris Smeds presents her newly written performance Det tusenåriga riket, Merima Dizdarević and Ivana Đida perform the sound work The Bosnian Sigh 2, Jörgen Gassilewski reads from his upcoming book Leken, and Isak Sundström premieres Essay on Filicide accompanied by L.M. Klan!

With: Merima Dizdarević & Ivana Đida, Jörgen Gassilewski, Iris Smeds and Isak Sundström with L.M Klan.

The evening is organized by Andjeas Ejiksson, Emily Fahlén, and Iris Smeds as part of the ongoing project “The isolated leg,” about the state, the body, and their various enactments.


Self presentations:


Merima Dizdarević & Ivana Đida

The Bosnian Sigh 2 is the second in a series of quasi-site-specific performances that, based on the duo’s practice and shared experiences of among other things sisterhood, needlework, and art, utilize a common heritage to interpret and speak through. At Mint, the duo will incorporate abstractions of traditional and modernized melos from parts of Yugoslavia with texts from, among others, Merima’s book långt från ögat långt från hjärtat (Albert Bonniers Förlag), continuing to explore familial connections to people, places, and time.


With a background in post-punk and Yugoslav new-wave, Ivana Đida develops her musical expressions in art music with electroacoustic elements. Right now she is studying art music composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.


Merima Dizdarević is often entering into other art fields, from her practice as a poet. She has collaborated cross-artistically with Ivana Đida since 2007. Among other things they have been playing music in a number of constellations.


Jörgen Gassilewski

Jörgen Gassilewski has been drifting between music, image, and text. Tried playing and composing, made, curated, and arranged exhibitions, wrote books and was an editor and publisher. He will be moving around the room, reading about ghost water, plastic shovels, and mallards.


Jörgen Gassilewski is a poet, writer, and critic. His poems have been characterized by compressed scenes, rich in imagery, where different layers of meaning and worlds are juxtaposed and merged. Gassilewski’s first book was published in 1987, the poetry collection Du.


Iris Smeds

“The Millennial Kingdom” is a newly written performance from Smed’s project “The Little House in The Food Court”, a project about family and state in dissolution and renegotiation.


Iris Smeds work revolves around the commodification of the individual and examines our existence and society from a poetic and performative viewpoint. Her projects blur the boundaries between installation, performance, video and sculpture, often using theatrical and surreal imagery. Since 2013, she has also performed in the one-woman punk band “Vaska Fimpen”.


Isak Sundström

Newly formed L.M. Klan (formerly Solgudens barn) is intensely registering the paroxysms of dullness and self-glory, in the lackluster life where the only thing that feels real is despair and the longing that arises from despair, as if to enhance it. That is the auto-affection of coarseness, the inherent enemy to disco music, and triggering stimuli, as L.M. Klan seeks to reach. They call it “ordinary music”.


Isak Sundström is an artist and musician. In his artistic practice, Sundström seeks to work across genre boundaries, in an eclectic use of materials, media, and techniques. The macabre, existential, and poetic are often at the centre of Sundström’s works.