A night with Armin Lorenz Gerold & Eli Levén

Welcome to an evening with performances, poetry and bar at Konsthall C! During the evening participating artist Armin Lorenz Gerold (Berlin) will perform under his alias wirefoxterrier, and writer Eli Levén (Stockholm) will read from his upcoming book, to be published by Norstedts in August. This event marks the final weekend of this exhibition.

The performance starts 7:30

wirefoxterrier started as an online screen name created by Berlin based artist Armin Lorenz Gerold releasing sentimental song sketches and mixtapes into the tumblr/soundcloud pop ecosystem. His 2018 release ’Sex (play and being played), initially part of his self-released ‚fan-fiction‘ series ‚Radio Prishtina‘ became an almost coincidental feature on the viral TV show SKAM. Examining how virality shapes current writing, sounds and production methods, wirefoxterrier will perform a few songs of his upcoming first extended play Looking (tbr spring 2020) at Konsthall C.

Eli Levén is a novelist and screenwriter. His debut “Du är rötterna som sover vid mina fötter och håller jorden på plats” was adapted for film by Eli as “Something Must Break” and directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark. The duo also made the hybrid documentary “She Male Snails” together. In August 2020 Eli’s new novel will be published by Norstedts. An adaptation by the novel, to be directed by Eli, is currently under development.

‘The physical world was still there’
The physical world was still there but this exhibition turns its back on it. From a close perspective sound, video, painting and objects share the joy and fear of temporal ecstasy, rush, heat and mental confusion. When someone puts their hands on your body and your blood vessels seem to merge, when the last drink of the sun blurs your mind, when time seems so thick you lose any concept of that which was and will be, when the night is in motion.

Curated by Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari (Mint).

Free entry.

In collaboration with ABF.