Mint is a non-profit exhibition space situated in the Workers’ Educational Association in central Stockholm, initiated in 2019 by curators Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari. Focusing on contemporary art and poetry, Mint is embracing experimental practices, cross-generational encounters and site-specific interventions. As the practice of a museum relates to – and is in dialogue with – its collection, Mint allows its program to be inspired and directed by the history of the building and its events, struggles, organisations and cultural expressions.

Emily Fahlén, artistic director
Alice Söderqvist, producer
Thomas Bush, graphic design
Exhibition hosts: Anais Constantino Figueroa, Ida Edin, Charlotte Keegan

Kim Einarsson, cultural producer and nurse
Emily Fahlén, artistic director Mint
Karl Gauffin, researcher in public health and writer.
Enna Gerin, investigator and deputy director of the trade union think tank Katalys.
Asrin Haidari, curator at Moderna Museet.
Eric Rosén, deputy head of culture at Aftonbladet and author
Ellen Wettmark, chair of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and director of Bonniers Konsthall.

Mint is supported by the City of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Council, and the Region of Stockholm

Mint is made possible with the support of Kulturrådet, Stockholms stad and Region Stockholm.