Bodies of Care

The first in a series of study sessions that explore practices that reflect and resist the current expansion of commercialized, individualized and outsourced care.

As part of Jenny Richard’s ongoing Phd research project ‘Outsourcing the Body.’

The session shares some of Fathia Mohidin’s research into the strong body in capitalist society and its relation to the aesthetics, politics and labour of the gym. Centred around collective reading and discussion the session draws out the tensions between today’s responsibilising of care on the individual, and the resistance and strength that can be built through training with the help or hindrance of gym machines.

Fathia Mohidin works in various ways with installation, where she often takes sport and fitness as a point of departure to reflect on the body in relation to societal ideas and categorisations. She is currently exploring the strong body in capitalist society, with a focus on the gym and labour. Most recently her work has been shown in the solo exhibition New Geometries at Galleri Nuda (2018) as a part of the project Shaping Resistance, and in the group exhibitions Ndksdwu7jejjf, Biquini Wax EPS, Mexico City (2018); Laboratory Aperto, Asilo Sant’Elia/Fondazione Ratti, Como (2018) and I’m fine, on my way home now, Mossutställningar (2017). Mohidin is pursuing her MFA in Fine Arts at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.