Konstfack's Master of Fine Arts Degree exhibition

Alexandra Larsson Jacobson, Danae Valenza, David Torstensson, Elise Léonin, Ferdinand Evaldsson, Henning Rehnström, Ingrid Gustafsson, Jonas Törnkvist, Josefin Jussi Andersson, Luki Essender, Maria Kulikovska, Marija Griniuk, Muhammad Ali, Petronella Petander, Tony Karlsson Savci

5.6–16.6 2020

Mint, ABF Stockholm, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm

When a work is exhibited, it becomes something in the world. It meets an observer, a room, an environment with sound, light, ceiling and walls. In the exhibition, the work is in some way given an unpredictable life. Its effects are tested through that situation. Does it grab us? Does it shake things up? Does it sow seeds in our memories? This is why the exhibition is a natural part of the artistic practise; it puts the implications of existing in the world – as an artist – to the test.

This year’s graduating class in the Master’s Programme in Fine Art gives us an impressive breadth of artistic works to enjoy. These works interpret reality and renegotiate it, distil it through research, actions and listening practices. They take shape through painting, film, sculptures and song. Through radicalism, care and poverty, gestural abstraction, sleeplessness and museology. They show clearly the scope and the thought-provoking potential of the art.

Alexandra Larsson Jacobson
Elise Leoni
Danae Valenza

This year, the class has formed a collaboration with the newly established Mint Art Gallery, located in the Workers’ Educational Association (ABF) premises in central Stockholm – a building that opened in the early 1960s and has since then functioned as a centre for self-organised education in the city. This is not a traditional exhibition hall with accommodating white walls and quiet spaces, but instead, an environment that encourages installation in responsive dialogue with existing environments and their own special peculiarities. The works are shown in dance halls, basements and stairwells, through reflections, dialogues and interventions. The exhibition as a practice is thus tested for yet another lap as it approaches the world and its chequered complexity.

Graphic design: Linda Hallstan

Konstfack in collaboration with ABF Stockholm