The Family is the First Spectacle

With: Merima Dizdarević & Ivana Đida, Jörgen Gassilewski, Iris Smeds and Isak Sundström with L.M Klan.

Welcome to a stage event and performative study at Mint, where Iris Smeds presents her newly written performance Det tusenåriga riket, Merima Dizdarević and Ivana Đida perform the sound work The Bosnian Sigh 2, Jörgen Gassilewski reads from his upcoming book Leken, and Isak Sundström premieres Essay on Filicide accompanied by L.M. Klan!

The evening is organized by Andjeas Ejiksson, Emily Fahlén, and Iris Smeds as part of the ongoing project “The isolated bone,” about the state, the body, and their various enactments.