9.9–8.10 2022 ABF Stockholm, Sveavägen 41

Anything happens here – Beatrice Gibson & Britt-Ingrid Persson (BIP)

Opening hours:
Wed–fri 13:00–18:00
Saturday 12:00–16:00

In the room, two eggs are resting in a nest. In the same place, a drama unfolds. It is told through a dreamlike montage with a poodle, a beauty queen and two sisters who are not sisters in the roles. Here in this place, which is the exhibition, experiences and things are duplicated. Pregnant events without redemption. Anything could happen here. There is both anticipation and anxiety in the air.

The first autumn exhibition at Mint includes the acclaimed film Deux sœurs qui ne sont pas sœurs (Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters), 2019, by British artist Beatrice Gibson (b. 1978 London) and sculptures by Britt-Ingrid Persson BIP (b. 1938 Stensele).