Mint Poetry Festival 2024

With: Anne Boyer (US/UK), David Wojnarowicz & Marion Scemama (US), Judith Kiros (SE), Hanna Rajs (SE), Karl Holmqvist (SE/DE), Kim Hyesoon (KR) distantly with Andjeas Ejiksson (SE) & Jennifer Hayashida (US/SE), Shadi Angelina Bazeghi (DK), XTC in the XIV (SE).

Mint Poetry Festival 2024 follows a dramaturgy defined by the ecstatic. In the displaced temporality of illness, through revelation, death, and pleasure, language stretches towards an ‘other’ reality. At the center of the event is human vulnerability and rapture, conveyed through reading, song, and film.

The Poetry Festival is produced by the artists Andjeas Ejiksson and Iris Smeds and Mint’s curator Emily Fahlén, as part of The Isolated Bone, a project that touches on a collective concept of truth that is being put out of play. Through a disintegration of public and private, via the spectacle of the family and the rule of law, ideas of a shared reality versus testimony – along with a precarious sense of not being believed – are negotiated.

Mint Poetry Festival is organized in collaboration with ABF Stockholm and with support from the Swedish Arts Council.