Thinking about Monica – part of Scène d’Amour

1.5 Thinking about Monica with Lina Bjerneld, Helena Lund Ek, Alisa Margolis, Raksha Patel & Nadia Hebson

24.4 Thinking about Monica: Monica Sjöö, an introduction

A Careful Strike – Artworks online and discursive programme

Artworks online: Dear Eva-Lisa (2020)

Artworks online: Builders (2005)

9.12 Release med Jakob Jakobsen och Ana Teixeira Pinto: what is to be done?

3.12 Minerva: The Miscarriage of the Brain

25.11 Bodies of Care with Emma Dominguez, Macarena Dusant, Sonia Sagan and Sarasvati Shrestha

12.11 Ports and Logistics Struggles

5.11 “To Riot Is To Love Our Survival

15.10 Belarus: “Tomorrow Should Not be the Same as Today”

7.10 The Reproduction of Resistance

17.9 Historien är inte slut (12 februari 1934)