Mejan Internationale: Home to Home to Home to Home to Home to Home to

Neil Bhat, Kristján Breki, Dev Dhunsi, Vinicius Dos Santos, Ida Edin, Sol Emil Nørgaard Andersen, Gwen Gambet, Daniel Gardebrandt, Emil Kjærnli, Anna Lesiczka, Tilda Lundbohm, Johan Lundborg, Caio Marques De Oliveira, Lior Nønne Malue Hansen, Mio Nielsen, Breogán Xague

13.4 – 23.2 2023

Mint, ABF Stockholm, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm

The conceptual point of departure for the exhibition is the notion of return. How does the decision to leave condition the idea of going back? For artists the decision to leave, to return, to leave again—to exist as a maker between Brazil, Norway, or France and Stockholm—also means opening one’s practice to distance, alienation, and complexity. It becomes necessary to multiply returns, to shuttle back and forth between an original place that is increasingly imagined and an elsewhere that develops undeniable solidity. The process of returning becomes endless, a fact that crucially undermines the notion of stable or consistent national artistic identity. 

The works presented reflect each artists’ practice, but as a collective endeavor Mejan Internationale: Home to Home to Home to Home to Home to Home to manifests the fact that the emerging art scene in Stockholm is plural, multilingual, riven with elsewhere. The choice to work together reflects a desire to interrogate what it means to live abroad post-pandemic and in the middle of a historic rise of the essentializing nationalism.  

Curated by Natasha Marie Llorens as part of a Calling Card. 

Calling Card is a working group at the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm committed to anti-racism on a structural level and to freedom from all forms of discrimination for students, staff, faculty, and guests. We borrow our name from an artwork by Adrian Piper, “My Calling Card” (1986-1990).

Image: Emil Kjaernli, King of Comedy, 2023. Silkscreen on canvas, 220 x 120 cm. Courtesy of the artist.